Virtual Fighter Squadron


  • DCS-HAF is the Hellenic force in DCS WORLD! 
    It was founded by a group of people with a common vision and love for flight simulators and managed in a short time to become a widely developed COMMUNITY with huge popularity and strong presence! 
    DCS-HAF flights are based on highly realistic scenarios. We fly in the virtual skies with Greek 
    skins, simulating real conditions day and night. 
    DCS-HAF activities are focused both domestically, with joint flights with other Squadrons but also worldwide as it participates in joint exercises with foreign Squadrons but also presenting an active role through international events such as the INIOCHOS & Blue Flag exercise.



Every 2nd Friday we enter the atmosphere of the days of World War II experiencing epic PvP-PvE with wwii modules !!

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Every Wednesday and Sunday educational missions (PvP & PvE) are organized that aim at the continuous training of our members and the gaining experience in complex missions with demanding scenarios.

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"The will to become the best". A group of young people who love the Air Force, "live" the experiences of its pilots with the help of technology! They are recommended with the text and the amazing photos they sent us. Good flights…

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DCS-HAF, in the context of its international recognition, organizes in cooperation with foreign teams COMAO missions based on real situations. A recent example is the exercise INIOCHOS!


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Co-op PvP Event

2 Squadrons VS 2 Squadrons TAW & DCS-HAF vs DSAF & D3W Map: Caucasus

  • Date: 20/3/2021 21:00 - 20/3/2021 23:00
  • Location: Online Event

Past Events

Title Date Location
DCS-HAF & D3W (DCS WORLD ESPANOL) Co-op PvE 20 Feb 2021 Online Event
WWII FURBALL 12 Feb 2021 Online Event
DCS-HAF vs DCS-ESPANOL (D3W) PVP EVENT 18VS18 06 Dec 2020 Online Event
PvE multirole mission - Map: Persian Gulf 02 Dec 2020 Online Event
"FURBALL FRIDAY" - WWII PVP EVENT 27 Nov 2020 Online Event
80's PvP Event 25 Nov 2020 Online Event
DCS-HAF vs ABOG 18vs18 PVP EVENT 22 Nov 2020 Online Event
80's PvP EVENT 18 Nov 2020 Online Event
DCS-HAF vs SVT & DSAF 15 Nov 2020
>> EVENT 80's << FOX-1 & FOX-2 ONLY 11 Nov 2020 Online Event
PvP BATTLE EVENT 08 Nov 2020 Online Event
PvP EVENT 01 Nov 2020 Online Event
FOX-2 ONLY CHALLENGE 21 Oct 2020 Online Event
DCS-HAF vs (BRASIL-CHILE-ARGENTINA)SQN 16vs16 18 Oct 2020 Online Event
Mission Debriefing - Αναλυση Tacview 14 Oct 2020 Online Event
Grim Reapers VS DCS- HAF 11 Oct 2020 Online Event
"DOGS IN THE SNOW" FOX 2 PVP-PVE 30 Sep 2020 Online Event
Κυριακή 20:00 -PVP- Hero of the dune (Map:Persian Gulf) 27 Sep 2020 Online Event
PvP- Operation Bucephalus 20 Sep 2020 Online Event
BVR TACTICS PART 2 - Rocket Avoidance & RWR TACTICS 17 Sep 2020 Online Event
OPERATION DEAF THUNDER 13 Sep 2020 Online Event
PvP Battle Event 09 Sep 2020 Online Event
BVR TACTICS part1 - Discussion 02 Sep 2020 Online Event
PvP event to celebrate our new dedicated Server !!!! 30 Aug 2020 Online Event
Battle Terminology - Discussion 26 Aug 2020 Online Event
PvP INIOCHOS Style 09 Aug 2020 Online Event

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